A Little Bio

Georges-Emmanuel Arnaud is a Creative retoucher and Producer, born in French Caribbean island : Martinique, and Worldwide based.

Concerned by the human bonds in his work, Georges-Emmanuel Arnaud reconcile his love for pictures and humanity throughout several creative process. Innovation and Creativity at the heart of the said process, his magic happen thanks to evolving technology. Photography, Videomaking, Retouching, Full CGI, Teaching more than that, he is taking « story telling » to another level.

Thanks to his multidisciplinary background, and every single steps of is professional career he is now a melting pot of skills. As Felix Nadar said: In photography, like in all things, there are people who can see and others who cannot even look. First and Foremost, Georges-Emmanuel’s work is to look and see, and, secondly, to find back what he saw that the technology can not catch.

Creative retoucher since 2008,

He works with well-known photographer Sarah Moon for brands such as Chanel, Valentino, Dior Homme. Works which are featured in various international publications, such as Vogue, Madame Figaro, 10Magazine, AnOther, Flair and more.

Armed with this experience, being a Producer is a logical continuation of is pictures maker path. From still and motion, to computer-generated imagery  Georges-Emmanuel provides uncountable way of visual-narrative content.