© Sarah Moon

Georges-Emmanuel Arnaud is a Creative retoucher and Producer,
born in French Caribbean island; Martinique, and Worldwide based.
Concerned by the human bonds in his work,
Georges-Emmanuel Arnaud reconcile his love for pictures
and humanity throughout several creative processes.

Innovation and Creativity at the heart of the said process,
his magic happen thanks to evolving technology.
Photography, videomaking, retouching,
more than that, he is taking « story telling » to another level.

Creative retoucher since 2008,
He has been working with well-known photographer like Sarah Moon
for brands such as Chanel, Valentino, Dior Homme.
These works are featured in various international publications,
such as Vogue, Madame Figaro, 10Magazine, AnOther, Flair and more.

Having several strings to his bow, working as a producer is a logical skill to provide to his partners.

From still and motion, to computer-generated imagery
Georges-Emmanuel provides uncountable way of visual-narrative contents.